Ecuador: Both Feet In

imageSomewhere along the line I promised that Donna would write about her planning process.  She has been too busy planning to do anything like that.

We arrived back home from our last adventure on November 1st. Two days after the 2016 Presidential elections our trip to Ecuador got fast tracked. My thinking had us going to Ecuador in February of 2018. Donna had other ideas.

As far as the election…the divisions within the U.S. have had us lumbering towards an existential crisis for decades. The election was merely a pivot point. Well, that was my rationale for heading out in a year.  Donna tolerated that rationale with one dubious eyebrow raised.

Rancor was always going to rear its ugly head. The winner of the Presidential election was never going to be the determining factor in that. But Sheesh! This election was King Kong vs Godzilla Championship Bowling.  It was played in the gutters.  That’s what happens when you pump obscene amounts of money into the democratic process. If unity was the pins, no one even came close. Then the victor wrapped himself around the top of his tower and started swatting at things!

Now, I am going to skirt some political issues here.  Suffice it to say the political debate at our house usually centers on the long game vs the short game. Donna comes down firmly on “the short game IS the long game” side of things. In a nutshell that is her planning process.

By November 9th Donna’s feeling was, “This election makes me feel dirty!  We’re getting out of here!!!”  She wasn’t alone in feeling this. 240 U.S. citizens were booking their escape to Quito while Donna was booking ours.  She was only online for 45 minutes. There is a baby boomer white privilege element to that. It is what it is, and guilt has never looked good on me.


So, why Ecuador? It lands on, or near the top  of The Best Places to Retire lists.  Ecuador’s weather is described as perpetually Spring like. The tax climate, although continually in flux, is favorable.  The politics are relatively stable. Even if there are weird political undercurrents we don’t know the language well enough to attempt our usual debate. That last piece is attractive right now. As sad as it is, blissful ignorance is a very tolerable state. Fortunately, it never seems to last. Neither one of us can leave things well enough alone. Eventually something slaps us awake.

Long game???  Short game???  I don’t know. Maybe those two are the same thing.  We’ll see what we see when we see it, and know what we know when we know it. Even though Donna raises a suspicious eyebrow when I say that, it works for both of us.

2 thoughts on “Ecuador: Both Feet In

  1. Hello, Mark and Donna, I met you two today in a city tour through the streets of Quito. You have beautiful pictures here. It was nice to exchange some words with you, thank you for your kindness, even though my lack of speech & vocabulary haha I’m pushing myself to learn this language as much as I can. Hope you guys have an awesome time here in Ecuador, enjoy the food, music, and culture, it is absolutely beautiful. Take care and thank you again for taking your time talking with me on the bus.

    Felipe Diaz.

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