Jet Lag

We have a veto rule that allows us to delete any photos of ourselves we deem unflattering. If I retrieved them and displayed them all at once, it would capture what jet lag feels like.

An Italian woman suggested watching a sunrise and a sunset to reset your internal clock. It makes sense to me. Coming home to Seattle’s downpours and relentless grey made this difficult. There may have been a sunset. There may have been a sunrise. What I saw was a monochromatic exercise that went from black to dark gray. Our moods matched the weather.


Donna’s insomniac expertise came up with the most productive plan to date. “We’re up. We aren’t going to go back to sleep. Let’s drive up to the island and rake leaves.” On the face of it… that was a terrible plan!

We drove through internal and external fog and rode a socked in ferry to Herron Island. Donna cleaned cupboards. I fiddled with the water heater and the gas fireplace. Then while I attempted to fine tune the flames in the fireplace Donna attacked the leaves. Eventually I joined her. We felt invigorated. Well, at least until the trip back home.


By evening I was no further along in fighting off my jet lag induced wobbles. I fell asleep on the floor with my boots on. Donna was attacking leaves and weeds, rearranging furniture, paying bills, and sorting through junk mail.

We have two distinctly different approaches. I subscribe to the try and find the zone method.  Donna’s method is to try and fight through it. For the record, neither of them seemed to work. I will admit that Donna’s method is more productive.

Eventually we started to get synced up to our time zone. That meant going to sleep at 8 PM and waking up at 4:28 AM.  Then just to make things interesting they threw daylight savings at us!


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