Donna’s View: A Day in the Life

We experienced our first Grenada rain.  The temperature dropped from the 80’s at night to the low 60’s. I closed the shutters, added a blanket, and slept in until 9:00 AM.

After getting up I headed to the bath. Mark brought me tea and toast with tomatoes, cheese slices, and olive oil. After tidying up the house and hanging the laundry outside to dry we walked to Plaza Bib-Rambla.

The shoes I brought were unraveling. I needed another pair. I probably didn’t need the green leather boots I bought. They were a splurge. I could have made do with the pair of 15 euro flats. I bought those too.



After buying shoes we headed for SuperMercado-Sol. It’s like a smaller version of the Met Market. On the way we meandered down Calle Navas and Rosario. It’s a walking path filled with small shops selling wine, olive oils, stationary, and handmade guitars…handmade Spanish guitars.

Mark had paused at the guitar shop several times before. Once at night when it was closed, and again when our arms were full of groceries. This time we went in. Mark played several guitars. He left with the one that had been calling to him when it was in the window. He was one happy man!


All this shopping made us hungry. So, we stopped in at Taberna de Jam. We ordered white wine and as is the custom they brought out a Tapa. In this case it was a crispy calamari sandwich. All this cost 6 euros.

At the SuperMercado we picked up cleaning supplies. Mark went back to the meat department and got four fat chorizo sausages for less than 1 euro.

Back home Mark played his guitar and I read. I like the guitar’s sweet tone. Mark likes the percussive effects a flamenco guitar produces. “It goes ‘chuff’!” I don’t know what that means, but it does go “chuff”.

Later we walked up to Plaza Larga and took our new short cut. Somehow it deposits us at the top of the hill without any noticeable climbing. The Albayzin does things like that. Up at Placeta de Fatima we checked out our dream house again. We then decided to try the neighborhood bar. The bar is a meeting place for parents and their children. We enjoyed watching toddlers play while their mothers enjoyed adult company, a coffee, or a beer.

Mark then picked up a red onion and a bottle of biodynamic wine at a tiny natural foods store. Back home he cooked up the sausage and used the rest of the contents of the fridge to make dinner. Red and green peppers, watermelon, olives, plums, and two tiny potatoes soon found their way to a plate. As always dinner was fabuloso!

While polishing off the bottle of wine Mark pulled out his new guitar. We sang Cripple Creek in the kitchen. The acoustics were great.  I’m sure the entire village heard us.

To finish off the day we walked two blocks down to the nearest Gypsy cave. There we watched flamenco dancing with a bus load of tourists.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!



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