Packing Light

IMG_4284We’ve spent two months in Spain wearing the  clothes we stuffed into our carry ons and a small backpack. As usual we are coming home with more than we left with. Our packing lists have been honed by five years of trial and error.

The lessons??? Leave your hats at home and pick up cheap throwaways at your destination. Europe has become less formal. Dress clothes can be more multi-purpose. Black jeans are more versatile than slacks. Shawls and scarves do a lot to dress up a little black dress. You can never have enough underwear and socks. Bring a basic wardrobe and purchase clothes to suit the weather as you go. Every purchase you make requires that you leave something behind.

Donna’s Basic Black List

Leggings, gaucho pants, pencil skirt, midi dress with low back, long sleeve jersey shirt, two black tank tops, black sleeveless dress with white trim, stylish sweatshirt, cardigan, cashmere pashmina, one fancy dress..,

Donna’s Color Wardrobe 

Turquoise print tank, black and white tunic, classic white shirt, two shimmery tunic length beige tanks, beige print pencil shirt, cotton blend loose fitting dress for relaxing…

Scarves etc.

White, black and white, colorful…

Bathing suit, black sandals (flats), black sandals (wedge), one pair of sport shoes, one Bagalini purse…

Travel Outfit

Linen drawstring pants, black tunic, pashmina…

Mark’s List


One pair black jeans, two light weight convertible pants, one medium weight convertible pant, two long-sleeve black t-shirts, two easy wash black t-shirts, two black cotton short-sleeve t-shirts, two white short-sleeve t-shirts, three long-sleeve travel shirts, a black hoodie, a wrinkle free sports coat, swim trunks, exercise shorts, seven pairs of underwear, five pairs of sport socks, four pairs of dress socks, walking shoes, beach shoes…



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