Girona: Game of Thrones Apartment


“You know nothing, Mark Hale!”  I suspect I’ll hear that a lot this September. We’ll be staying in Girona, Spain where Game of Thrones, Season Six was filmed. There was an apartment on the river I really liked. Donna kept coming back to the one with the spectacular view of the Girona Cathedral.

“You know the cathedral bells are going to ring all night long?”


“It’s going to be loud!”

“I know, but it’s so cool!”

“It has air conditioning?”

“Yes! I think so.”

“We like this one because….?”

“You know nothing, Mark Hale!” 


When it comes to the Game of Thrones she is correct. My opinion? Too much exposition, and not enough action. So, I pay attention during battle scenes, sword fights, and whenever the dragons make an appearance.

I had to look up which scenes were shot in Girona. Good thing too. My guesses were dead wrong. Girona stands in for the free city of Braavos. Margaery’s atonement was filmed on the steps of the Girona Cathedral. The Waif and Arya met when Arya was begging on the steps of Calle del Bisbe Cartana. Arya jumped out of a window and landed on an orange cart near the steps of Sant Domenec. The theater scenes were filmed in the Plaza del Jurats. The maester’s citadel is Sant Pere de Galligants.


We’ll be in the heart of all that for the month of September. I am in favor of the self-guided tour. I’ll even purchase the tour book. We’ll be guided by Google Maps. We’ll probably get lost. I’ve promised not to jump out of any windows onto orange carts. Donna promises to continue saying, “You know nothing, Mark Hale!”  I’m working on a rejoinder, but it won’t be from Game of Thrones. I wasn’t paying very close attention.


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