Albondigas Albayzin Style

After our road trip to Jerez I wanted to do homey things.  Mark and I walked to Mercado San Agustin and purchased a leg of lamb. The butcher sliced it off the bone and ground it up for the meatball recipe I wanted to make.  Then he hacked up the bones.

At the corner produce stand we bought garlic, onions, eggplant, and tomatoes.  We also picked up some sweet sherry, and a loaf of bread.

I made the meatballs while Mark made broth out of the lamb bones. He also made tomato sauce from scratch using the big ugly tomatoes. The recipe called for brandy, but we could only find big bottles.  So, a little Manzilla, some good red wine, and a bit of sweet sherry had to stand in.

Mark made an eggplant, peppers, feta, orange, and fig salad, and then we headed for the terrace with a nice bottle of red wine. I don’t know what the meatballs would have tasted like if we used brandy. Our substitutions were delicious.

Did I make too many meatballs? Well, only enough for three days.

Next up water curing the olives that are growing on the patio!


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