Albaicin: Paradise Without Internet

The Albaicin is exhuberently alive. The church bells ring on the hour…every hour. Dogs bark, roosters crow, children giggle and get into scraps well into the night. Loud expressive conversations occur at all hours. A happy drunk sang a soul song as he wandered through at four in the morning.

All this is mirrored by the view. Roofs tumble down the hill. The Alhambra overlooks us all. Even at a blistering 102 degrees we are surrounded by greenery.

The house exceeds expectations. The views are breath taking. The kitchen is a gourmet’s delight. The first night we ate dinner on the rooftop terrace. Then we moved to the balconies off the bedroom and watched night fall as we polished off a bottle of wine. The jetted soaker tub washed away the stress of travel. We slept with the windows open and immersed ourselves in the fresh air and night sounds. The orchestra was warming up and you can always count on the trumpets and drums to make themselves heard.


In the morning we’d discover a host of small annoyances. No coffee maker, no hair dryer, no Internet, and no phone service. Realistically paradise should not include these things. Practically speaking??? We found a cafe with Internet service. We are using it for social media and Google searches. Bill paying is another story. The hairdryer found its way to the bottom of the list. Scarves and hats will do nicely. We found Mercado St. Augustin and then a French press. Coffee in the morning makes Paradise a little sweeter. Secure Internet??? Maybe tomorrow!?!

In the meantime the church bells still ring on the hour. The dogs bark, the roosters crow, and lively conversations strike up anytime day or night. The roofs still tumble down the hill and the Alhambra stands guard. Paradise always comes with its own terms!


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