First blog post

Get Going…While the Going is Good!

A dear friend taught me life cannot be measured in years.  It can only be measured by the degree to which we live. By inclination I’d just as soon curl up by a fire and read a book.  It is a noble pursuit and allows me to experience the lives of others. I took a quiz to determine how many of the world’s great books I’ve read.  I’ve read more than my fair share.

If my wife wants me to disappear for a day she’ll find a book for me to read.  Donna knows the only way I read books is from cover to cover in as little time as possible. She also knows I become a different person when I’m traveling.  The person who loves to sleep in is replaced by a person who stays up too late and wakes up too early. Travel and books are to be devoured.

Of course our backs resist long flights.  Our budgets are constrained, perhaps by our imaginations.  Travel seems expensive, but somehow we always seem to find the money to purchase mediocre cups of coffee.  Family obligations loom, and those too are constrained by imagination and budget. Stamina plays a part as well. How far and for how long become valid topics of conversation.  There isn’t a five or ten year plan anymore. Adventures call and you listen more carefully.

Our children are all grown.  Pets have been laid to rest.  Projects aren’t going anywhere. Finances are predictable enough.  Politics grate the nerves and Donna and I don’t know how many protests we have left in us. We’ve been living doomsday scenarios since elementary school.  The essential absurdity of covering your head with a coat to shield against nuclear fallout remains a fairly constant feature in American life. New versions abound!

So, Hell! It’s time to Get Going…While the Going is Good!  This is a blog about Mark Hale and Donna Schwendeman’s travels past, present, and future.  It’s about finding the road that gets you where you are going.  It’s about getting lost.  It’s about the next bend and the one after that. There are places you always dreamed of, and places you never imagined.  Both are Good!  Get Going!!!IMG_2271


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